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In today’s complex and evolving healthcare industry, healthcare professionals and hospitals face a myriad of complex risks and costly litigation every day.

You might think that suing a doctor or hospital is quite uncommon in Malaysia, given the fact that practitioners and hospitals have typically been protected by the respect people have for the medical profession, but news reports showed otherwise.

Don’t believe it? Just check out this real-life case:


As a healthcare professional, you will always do your best for your patients; but errors can happen.

Don’t let an unfortunate experience ruin your finances, family relation or professional reputation. Get the coverages you need as a healthcare professional.

Chubb Elite Medical Malpractice policy provides individual healthcare practitioners and medical establishments with protection and tools to manage the evolving risks of today’s complex healthcare industry.

Coverage Highlights

Cover for civil liability claims arising from an act, error or omission in the provision of professional healthcare services
Cover for Good Samaritan Acts
  Cover for reasonable and necessary costs of replacing or restoring lost documents
  Cover for legal representation costs incurred directly in connection with formal inquiries into the conduct of professional healthcare services
  Cover for unintentional intellectual property infringement

Value Added Services

Risk review



Educational workshops


Prompt claims resolution


Support to conduct clinical audits


Development of risk policies and patient safety guides


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