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Boosting confidence in COVID-19 vaccinations

elderly getting vaccinated

While COVID-19 vaccinations are picking up pace1 in parts of Asia Pacific, governments and businesses continue to work together to overcome the spread of fake news or misperceptions about the impact of vaccines on overall health; particularly for those with underlying conditions. Leading medical organizations such as John Hopkins2 and Centres for Disease Control and Prevention3 have published their views of the safety of the vaccines and their effectiveness in the fight against infection to dispel the misperceptions.


Creating confidence

So how can public and private partners work together to overcome this fear of vaccines among the general population, and encourage everyone to have their jabs to protect themselves and their families?

In some markets, large companies have been offering incentives. For example, to encourage citizens to get vaccinated in Hong Kong SAR, many businesses there are offering a wide range of perks – ranging from shopping vouchers to flight tickets, from staycation packages to cruise vacations4, and even the chance to win a new Tesla car or an apartment5.

At Chubb, we are giving as much support as we can to encourage success in local vaccination programs. Earlier this year we launched our complimentary post-vaccination insurance products through DBS in Hong Kong SAR and Singapore. Chubb’s post-vaccination insurance plans offer daily cash hospitalization benefits and lump sum benefits if admitted to the Intensive Care Unit (ICU) due to a COVID-19 vaccination complication. We believe this layer of protection can improve confidence in the vaccines and encourages the community to get the protection they need.

In Malaysia, we had worked with AirAsia’s BIG Loyalty to offer post-COVID-19 vaccination Insurance for a one-time premium of RM19 per insured person. The product provides customers with a daily hospital income benefit, a post COVID-19 Vaccination Bereavement Benefit, as well as a post COVID-19 Vaccination ICU Benefit.


Building on earlier success

Following the success of our earlier initiatives, we are now working with other partners. With Grab, a well-established partner of Chubb, we have just launched complimentary post COVID-19 vaccination benefits for their drivers and passengers in Malaysia. The coverage is aimed at providing help with their living expenses if they are unable to work after receiving their vaccination.

In Thailand, we have collaborated with Central JD Fintech Co. Ltd., one of the leading fintech companies in Thailand, to use their Dolfin app to offer post COVID-19 vaccination benefits to the customers at a low annual premium. The customers will meet the new experience to own insurance easily and those who suffer from side effects will receive daily hospital cash. In the event of admission into intensive care unit, there will be a lump sum payout as well.

In Taiwan, customers of Taishin Bank, Yuan Tai Bank and Taichung Commercial Bank can now easily purchase post COVID-19 vaccination insurance plans at branches island wide. Our product provides daily hospital cash, lump sum payout for ICU admission and bereavement benefits.

The Chubb name carries our promise of superior service, underwriting and execution. We sincerely hope our efforts to encourage COVID-19 vaccination and provide support for those who experience unexpected post-vaccination effects, will go some way to creating a safer and healthier world.

If you are keen to learn how Chubb can collaborate with you, please contact Chubb at





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