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Chinese New Year Safety Tips Travelling Out

Chinese New Year may be about having fun and getting together with your family and friends, but there are also some things you should always keep in mind. If you are travelling across the state to visit your family and friends, here are some quick tips for you to stay safe while travelling during this festive season!
Travel safety tips:

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1. Don’t drink & drive
  • Drinking and driving only harms you and everyone else on the road!
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2. Plan everything ahead of time
  • You don’t want to get yourself in any messy traffic jams, do you? So, make sure you plan your days ahead! 
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3. Don’t rush
  • Swerving through cars will only cause more traffic!
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4. Stay alert
  • When driving, be sure to put your full attention to it. You may get someone to stay awake with you if you are not travelling alone.
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5. Be mindful of pedestrians
  • On average, 562 pedestrians die annually in traffic accidents every year here in Malaysia. The deaths are caused by hit-and-run accidents, jaywalking, crossing busy roads, and dangerous driving. Let’s prevent fatal accidents by driving at a safe speed especially in urban areas.
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6. Be prepared with emergency supplies 
  • Equip your car with these essentials – first aid kit, fire extinguisher, jumper cables, torch lights, rain ponchos, basic tools set and strap.
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7. Get everything checked
  • Be sure to get your car serviced and checked before getting behind the wheels.

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