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The future worker

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The workforce is changing and the workers of the future are unique. Technologically-savvy, globally mobile and highly adaptive, their pace of transformation has been accelerated by the COVID-19 Pandemic.

The shift towards contract work continues with many workers supplying their labor outside of the traditional employment relationship. Work can be derived from Shared Economy App providers enabling flexible and freelance work to organizations leveraging contract workers.  

For the traditional employees, new ways of working are becoming permanent. Work from home, hybrid, bleisure and workcations have become attractive workplace options.

Spend a day in the life of the following Future Workers to understand their risks and fears.

Discover the insurance solutions developed by Chubb to protect their livelihoods.


Reshare Driver

Fact: The worldwide ridesharing market size was valued at US$59.53 billion in 2020 and is projected to reach US$205.83 billion by 2030.1




Fact: The pandemic has fueled growth in startups, with layoffs turning some of the retrenched into entrepreneurs who have set up their own businesses.2



Social media influencer

Fact: More than 900 million tourists travelled internationally in 2022, according to United Nations World Tourism Organization. Social media inuencers specializing in travel are part of this travel recovery story.3



Information technology professional

Fact: A 2021 survey by WTW found that 31% of companies expect an increase in international assignments in the coming year.4



Risk Assessor

Fact: A GBTA (Global Business Travel Association) survey of corporate travel managers in 2022 found that 90% of them said that employees were interested in combining business trips with recreational travel at their companies.5



Chubb’s solutions for the shared economy

Working with leaders of the shared economy, Chubb has tailored insurance products for the future workers in the Asia Pacific region. Contact us if you are interested to find out how we can collaborate to serve the shared economy.


The Future Worker

Spend a day in the life of the following Future Workers to understand their risks and fears. Discover the insurance solutions developed by Chubb to protect their livelihoods.


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