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Information on online claims reporting is available here:

Information on online claims reporting is available here:
The online claims portal is designed to ensure quick and easy claims reporting in electronic form. If you do not wish this, you can also request a printed claim form. This can be obtained from or +49 69 75613 6722. You can report your accident and health damage around the clock in our online claims portal:

Your advantages with reports via the online claims portal:

Digital - In a world where time is precious and we increasingly demand new and faster ways to do things, our intelligent online claims portal allows you to submit your claim anytime, anywhere from any mobile device.
Fast - The average time to report a new claim is less than nine minutes, which is significantly faster than traditional reporting procedures. You will also receive instant confirmation and a token number to track the progress of your claim.
Intuitive - The portal only asks you questions that are relevant to your claim - accelerating claims processing when no further documentation or assessment is required.
Efficient - For faster processing of your claim, you have the option of uploading the required documents.
If you prefer to talk to us, just give us a call: +49 (0) 69 75613 6722.

Information on claims processing

As soon as you report a claim, you will immediately receive a confirmation of receipt with the claim number and the name of your responsible contact person. Throughout the process, you will be able to talk to someone who can answer your questions - and provide the right services and expertise.
Please provide as much detail as possible. The more information we have about your claim, the better we can provide the right resources at the right time to minimise the impact of the damage.

We offer competent claims processing in over 195 countries.

Our experience

As part of the Group, Chubb has more than 70 claims experts in Germany, with its claims department at its headquarters in Frankfurt and in Düsseldorf. The team, equipped with local claims expertise, has a combined claims expertise of over 400 years in the international arena. Last year, the staff of the claims department in Germany handled more than 17,000 claims across borders.

Global network

Our in-house network offers competent claims handling in 195 countries. Claims are handled by the local offices or, as a rule, by long-standing local cooperation partners. In the case of multinational programmes, the corresponding claims are settled locally. In the case of programmes written in Germany, the German claims department is responsible for control.

Uniform claims service

The guarantee of a globally uniform claims service is provided by the company:

  • Claims Bulletins
  • Claims team and management
  • Controlling tools (detailed overview of the damage situation worldwide)
  • Claims Relationship Manager for Multinational Companies
  • Global Claims Conferences