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Given the constant risk of litigation in the industry, it can be difficult to focus solely on the needs of customers. If your business is affected by a claim, our experienced claims team will work on your behalf to provide you with tailored and proactive solutions to protect your business, your employees and your reputation. We take care of all the details of your claim so you can focus on the details of your business.

We take care of the details of your claim so that you can concentrate on the details of your business.

How the D&O claims process differs at Chubb

  • A dedicated claims professional for larger companies who is your single point of contact and handles all aspects of the claims process

  • Worldwide network of experts, including legal advisors, experts and accountants, whom we can call upon when needed to assist our claims experts

  • Proactive and knowledgeable approach aimed at pursuing a cost-effective settlement strategy with the aim of resolving each individual claim at an early stage

  • A straightforward strategy that involves an open dialogue with you so that we can identify problems or weaknesses early on and repair damage in good time