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Suffering an accident or damage to your health can be worrying for you and everyone involved. At Chubb, our goal is to minimize trauma and inconvenience so that every claim is met as easily as possible. We listen carefully to your needs and concerns and ensure that you are well informed every step of the way. The claims team has a clear and simple purpose: our goal is to provide you with a thoughtful, responsive and solution-oriented claims service. Everything is designed to meet your needs, not just the loss event.

"Everything is designed to meet your needs, not just the loss event.“

What makes Chubb Accident & Health and Travel Claims process so different?

  • Digital claims management that allows you to register and track your claim at a convenient time at  
  • Highly qualified team with expert knowledge of the medical, legal, international and financial aspects of your claim
  • Online portal allows immediate confirmation of your claim
  • Employees who are able to make immediate decisions to streamline our process
  • Worldwide network of offices that provide access to local experts and ensure appropriate local solutions