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An increasing number of public and private contracts today require security for contractual obligations.

However, the need for these products can reduce the availability of bank credit lines and thus unnecessarily limit financing and investments. Surety bonds and guarantees issued by us can help businesses to satisfy counterparties’ requirements for security while helping to preserve other credit lines and thus maintain important room for manoeuvre.


  • International corporations and export companies
  • Underwriting criterion: Well established companies with a good creditworthiness
  • Large capacities can be made available for good creditworthiness

Insurance Concepts

  • Bid bonds
  • Advance payment bonds
  • Performance bonds
  • Maintenance bonds
  • Performance & payment bonds in the US and Canada
  • Bonds outside of Germany, in particular in Latin America
  • Bonds securing "Altersteilzeitkonten" (ATZ)
  • Customs bonds (main customs offices)


  • Participation in a consortium of banks for syndicated bonds
  • Bilateral subparticipation behind the house bank possible (individual bonds or guarantee lines)
  • Also larger individual bonds, e.g. in the case of tenders abroad, where the guarantor (bank or surety provider) must demonstrate a minimum rating of AA
  • We have own Surety teams in the USA, Canada, Mexico, Argentina, Brazil, Columbia, Peru, Australia, the UK, France, Italy, Spain and Benelux. Here ancillary facilities, local guarantee lines or the fronting of individual transactions can be enabled