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Compact Cover for Property.

Have you had a property buyer back out of a sale yet again because the fear of unemployment, unfitness for work or work relocation has shaken his confidence? Now you can use your new selling point in the property market: Resale Protect. The compact cover for property allows the gravest doubts about property purchase to be removed.

Who Might Be Interested in this Insurance?

  • Property developers
  • Kit home suppliers
  • Construction lender
  • Financial advisers
  • Redevelopment companies
  • etc.

Insured Risks

Through the modules provided for, Resale Protect covers both the distressful situations in which property buyers or home builders can fall into:

  • Property Instalment Protection Plan (ImmoRatenschutz) Additional financial benefit in case of liquidity problems Security through an allowance on loan instalments: - Debtor's unemployment through no fault of his own - Debtor's unfitness for work
  • Property Value Protection (ImmoWertschutz) Protecting against loss of value in case of a distress sale Insured reasons for a distress sale: - Debtor's unemployment through no fault of his own - Work relocation (for property owner-occupiers) - Accidental death - Divorce - Multiple births (from triplets upward, for property owner-occupiers)

You have complete flexibility and can put together your own individual product, either by purchasing both modules or even by purchasing cover consisting of one or more individually insurable risks.


  • Property Instalment Protection Plan (ImmoRatenschutz) Pup to EUR 1,500 per month
  • Property Value Protection (ImmoWertschutz) One-off payment of up to 25 percent of the purchase price, with a maximum of EUR 35,000


Resale Protect can be purchased for both property owner-occupiers and property investors.


The work relocation or multiple birth risk can only be insured in the case of property owner-occupiers.

The Advantages for You

  • Persuasive selling point
  • Completion of your product portfolio
  • Flexible integration into your concept solutions
  • Distinguishing feature marking you out from your competitors
  • Claims handled directly between Chubb and your customers

The Advantages for Your Customers

  • Financial security in case of liquidity difficulties or in case of the distress sale of property
  • Finance and security through one point of contact
  • Claims support with no red tape


The purpose of this information is to provide a first overview of the possible insurance cover included in the Resale Protect policy. For the full and legally binding terms and conditions, please refer to your policy documentation.