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Businesses must take risks time and again to realise opportunities open to them. To prevent the risk from becoming a danger which threatens their very existence, companies must recognise, analyse and eliminate threats, ideally at an early stage.

Nowadays, in times marked by rapid technological development, globalisation and an increasing number of environmental disasters, careful and well thought-out risk management is a decisive factor in the success of any business. New threats, with unknown claims potential, such as in the IT and renewable energies sectors, will change the prevailing risk management approach. The individual assessment of risks will therefore become increasingly important in the coming years.

The engineers from our Global Property Risk Engineering team know this, too, and are well prepared for these changes. The engineers in Germany have different areas of specialisation, from civil engineering and mechanical engineering to nautical science, enabling them to meet all requirements.


  • Worldwide network with our own engineers
  • Preparation of client-specific loss prevention programmes
  • Business interruption/consequential loss analysis (supply chain risk management)
  • Fire protection advice for new buildings, configuration of fire extinguishing equipment
  • Performance testing of sprinkler pumps and water supplies for firefighting
  • Risk evaluation for the construction sector
  • Group’s own global AAA programme (evaluation and comparison of a business group’s individual plants and worldwide operating units according to 20 organisational and technical risk-relevant aspects)
  • Internet portal

Risk Assessment On The Basis Of

  • Organisation of fire protection
  • Technical fire protection measures
  • Worst-case scenarios (property damage and business interruption)

Casualty Risk Engineering

Our risk philosophy and casualty risk management services allow us to provide businesses and brokers with a special service for safeguarding the businesses’ very existence.

Transport Risk Management

Thanks to our risk philosophy and our Transportation Risk Management team, we can provide businesses and brokers with a special service for safeguarding the businesses’ very existence.