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Insurance covering non-payment of accounts.

Safe trading in uncertain times? Not a problem if you have Bill Protect. Should your customer become

unemployed through no fault of his own or unfit for work, we pay you the invoice amount. Bill Protect, feel safe with insurance covering non-payment of accounts.

Who Might Be Interested in this Insurance?

  • Utilities
  • Telecommunications providers
  • Publishing houses
  • Sports clubs, clubs/associations
  • etc.

Insured Risks

  • Debtor's unemployment through no fault of his own
  • Debtor's unfitness for work
  • The person covered under the insurance is the person by whom the invoice is payable (customer, member)

Product Options

Example for telecommunications providers: XY Telephone Co. purchases Bill Protect

Cost of the DSL & Landline Package from XY Telephone Co.: € 50 per month

Insurance premium for Bill Protect: approx. € 0.50 per month
(no obligation example of premium)

  • A) Free of charge for customers
    "Basic DSL & Landline Package" for € 50 per month

     XY Telephone Co. assumes the cost of the insurance premium
  • B) Chargeable to customers
    "Neutral DSL & Landline Package" for € 50.50 per month 
    XY Telephone Co. passes on the cost of the insurance premium to the end customer
  • C) Incl. of advertising allowance
    "Cash DSL & Landline Package" for € 52 per month 
    XY Telephone Co. passes on the cost of the premium to the end customer and
    prices in its own advertising allowance

The Advantages for You

  • Guaranteed income
  • Significant reduction in number of cases of non-payment of accounts
  • Competitive advantage through differentiation from competitors
  • Point in favour of procuring new customers
  • Strengthening customer loyalty
  • Simple integration into the existing process

And, that's Not All

Flexible product design – Chubb is governed by you! The sum insured, waiting period, qualifying period, period of insurance and any alternative covers can be individually tailored.

The Advantages for Your Customers

  • Securing their standard of living
  • Having security for the duration of the policy or membership


The purpose of this information is to provide a first overview of the possible insurance cover included in the Bill Protect policy. For the full and legally binding terms and conditions, please refer to your policy documentation.

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