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For businesses that sell goods or provide services on credit, the risk that the customer may default is a significant problem. In our fast-moving business world, credit risks give rise to considerable uncertainty.

Businesses that have solid trade credit insurance are not only protected if the customer fails to pay; transferring the credit risk can also give your company access to financing at preferential rates and enhance corporate governance.

Efficient trade credit insurance helps businesses to reduce the amount of money they need to set aside for bad debt and benefits business growth considerably. Trade credit insurance can also increase sales by allowing the company to offer advantageous payment terms or even expand into new markets.


We mainly work with companies that need an insurance product which builds on their own credit management procedures. Our aim is to support companies by giving them a level of continuity that virtually no other insurer can provide.

Insurance Concepts

  • Excess of loss cover for an entire customer portfolio
  • Individual cover for single transactions or customers
  • Named buyer portfolio
  • Top-up cover
  • Flexible cover

Insurance Coverages

We don’t just offer non-cancellable credit limits, but also flexible solutions for trade credit insurance that include the following:

  • High self-audit limit, in accordance with your credit management capability
  • Variable levels of deductible and risk share of up to 100%
  • Group limits and worldwide coverage
  • Bespoke wordings
  • Policy periods of several years


Our underwriters are supported by a highly experienced Credit & Country Risk Management team, whose analysts monitor businesses and countries that are becoming a credit risk.

In order to support companies with global insurance programmes, we have dedicated trade credit centres of expertise around the world. This network ensures that our trade credit risk specialists are always up to date on the trade conditions in the various different countries. We are happy to pass on this information to our clients.

The “360” Online Portal

Policies can be managed centrally, regionally or on a single-country basis using our “360” portal.