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Individual support, a culture of small class sizes and homework supervision are the hallmark of the educational concept of many private education institutions. This quality is obviously not available free of charge. But what if a parent becomes involuntarily unemployed or chronically ill and can no longer pay tuition fees? The child's educational future is then put at risk. If the worst should happen, we pay the school fees as an integral part of the educational approach.

Who might be interested in the insurance?

  • Private schools
  • Private universities or
  • Private education institutions the attendance of which is subject to school fees

Insured Risks

  • Involuntary unemployment
  • Inability to work due to accident or illness suffered by parents
  • Optional additional risks, e.g. accidental death of a parent

Contractual arrangements

  • The private school is covered in the event that school fees are not paid as a result of an insured risk.
  • The insured persons are the students' parents.
  • The place of education concludes one single tuition fee insurance policy for all students as a group contract.

Benefits for the school

  • Protection of tuition fee payments
  • Marketing point and competitive advantage for the school
  • Improving students' potential
  • Minimal administrative requirements due to simple reporting process (no insurance mediation)
  • Individually tailored product according to the student's requirements

Benefits for students and their parents

  • Academic future is secured
  • Certainty that tuition fees will be paid even during times of professional uncertainty and ill health
  • Reducing barriers for enrolling private students

Flexible Product arrangement

The sum insured, scope of the insurance, waiting period and qualifying period can be individually tailored by the school.

Contact Information

A&H Affinity

Phone +49 69 75613-6546 Fax +49 69 75613-4546 E-Mail


The purpose of this information is to provide a first overview of the possible insurance cover included in the College Protect policy. For the full and legally binding terms and conditions, please refer to your policy documentation.