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Global business expansion continues, even in times of financial and economic crisis, not least as a way to aim for increased growth or higher yields.

The world market situation, in which the rules have changed, is also placing greater demands on risk managers: laws and regulations specific to the country concerned must be complied with and compliance must be a priority for every activity engaged in, thereby reducing risks to a minimum as far as possible. Insurance cover also has a role to play in this, in the event of unforeseeable losses such as property damage and personal injury, product liability, or even extreme cases such as the nationalisation of an international subsidiary.

Every multinational insurance programme is adapted to the individual requirements of our globally operating clients.

The web-based portal WorldviewSM is specially tailored to the needs of multinational risk managers, and has won several innovation awards. Risk managers can use it to manage their global insurance programmes via PC or laptop – 24/7.

Insurance Coverages

  • First-party loss coverage covers the company’s own financial losses, including lost operating profit, resulting from the loss or manipulation of the company’s own data and programs.
  • Third-party loss coverage covers financial losses by the insured party resulting from claims for damages from third parties due to data breaches as defined in the terms and conditions.


  • Daily status update on the relevant global insurance programme
  • The possibility to view local policies, together with other documents, with just one click of the mouse
  • Access to Insurance DirectorySM, a search tool which displays country-specific data and specific local requirements, and which our underwriters also use on a daily basis
  • Detailed claims information with weekly updates