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The services offered in the class of Technical Lines range from traditional to more up-to-date risk solutions.

Insurance Coverages

  • Construction and erection insurance
  • All-risk coverage for electric power generation / power stations
  • Machinery insurance for mobile as well as stationary machines and production facilities
  • For all areas of Technical Lines we also offer corresponding business interruption insurance
  • The minimum premium per policy is 10,000 euros

Insurance Concepts

  • Construction and erection projects – each with business interruption insurance (solutions from transport to the construction and erection phase to commissioning)
  • Multinational programmes

Industry Examples

  • Construction or refurbishment of buildings
  • Construction of power plants or upgrades
  • Infrastructure projects
  • All-risk coverage for biogas plants
  • Combination: construction/casualty and erection/transport, including business interruption insurance