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All of our employees work to ensure your satisfaction. They are organised into specialist teams in order to ensure that everything operates quickly and smoothly. Here are some examples:

  • The Customer Services team will answer your questions competently and is responsible for contract management
  • The Claims Department consists of specialists for the various types of benefit (e.g. accident or baggage). It analyses your claims and provides the agreed benefits.
  • The Marketing and Communications Department creates clearly intelligible product information in collaboration with the speciality departments.
  • The Compliance Department ensures that every employee abides by the relevant rules. This includes both national and international statutes and internal guidelines. It also involves reviewing the complaints process, insurance conditions and customer information.
  • The Data Protection Officer ensures that we comply with all data protection legislation, e.g. the German Data Protection Act.
  • The managers organise the procedures and carry out spot-checks on individual processes in order to maintain the high quality standard.

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