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The Single Pay/3 year Universal Life can optimize customers’ protection needs and maintain high living standards. Highly recommended for those who desire greater financial protection for their loved ones should the worst occur.

Coverage Highlights

Inclusion: Universal Life variants including Economy Universal Life – Option A, Economy Universal Life - Option B, Family Universal Life - Option A1, Family Universal Life - Option A2, Family Universal Life - Option B; Level Term 10/15/20 years, Whole Life premium payble to age 55/60/65

Single Pay Universal Life, 3 year Universal Life


Please see full details of the Product Description and Policy Wordings as below:

- Single Pay Universal Life

- 3 year Universal Life

This document provides basic information about the product(s). Please contact Chubb Life account representative or hotline on (84 - 28) 38 27 8123 for more details.

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