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Premier Choice Universal Life offers Vietnamese customers a range of life insurance and savings solutions tailored to their individual needs and circumstances, rather than one-size-fits-all solutions. 


Premier Choice Universal Life offers three benefit packages:


Plan 99 – Golden Years Reassurance

Plan 80 – Senior Serenity

Plan 65 – Retirement in Comfort

Coverage Highlights

  • A choice of protection either up to the customer’s 99th, 80th or 65th birthday.
  • Total flexibility in choosing a suitable premium level for the financial plan.
  • 100% Policy Account Value refund when the policy matures.
  • Golden Years Bonus payable at the age of 75 equaling to 50% of the deducted accumulate charge of insurance for the Main Benefits (applicable for Plan 99).
  • 25% of the accumulate interest will be paid every four years.

Under these plans, customers also receive supplementary benefits for accidental injuries, critical illness and hospitalization allowing them to live life confidently knowing they are protected.