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Over time, inflation can devalue your investments and insurance alike. Chubb’s Inflation Indexed Term Rider can help you guard against the effects of inflation, year after year. Your insured value will be adjusted annually to provide better financial protection for your loved ones should the insured event occur.

Coverage Highlights

Policyholders of the Universal Option, Pre-eminent Option, Family Package Options A1, A2 and BII, and Whole Life plans of Chubb Life can include this benefit in their main policy. The Inflation Indexed Term Rider provides a hedge against consumer price hikes should the insured event occur.

This rider will provide an increase in the insurable value in accordance with the insured inflation rate. The insured sum will automatically increase, commensurate with the inflation rate after each contract year, without the Insured undergoing a mandatory medical check.

Policyholders only need to pay an additional minimal premium based on the face value of the main policy to enjoy this added benefit. For example, if the main policy has a face value of VND 100 million and the prevailing inflation rate is 7%, the policyholder would only have to pay VND 15,750 a year.

Death Benefit:

  • Chubb Life will pay an amount of benefit equal to the face amount multiplied by the inflation rate. The applicable inflation rate is capped at 3-15%, meaning that if inflation rate is lower than 3%, the benefit will still increase by 3%, and if inflation rate is higher than 15%, the benefit will increase by 15% only. For example, if the main policy has a face value of VND 500 million and if the insured inflation rate is 5%, the insured value will be 500 million x 105% = VND 525 million. With the same face value, if the insured inflation rate increases to 17%, the maximum rate of 15% will apply. This means that the insured value will be 500 x 115% = VND 575 million.

Total and Permanent Disability (TPD) Benefit:

  • Chubb Life will pay an amount of benefit equal to the face amount. The payment shall be made in 10 instalments over 10 (ten) years, and the payment value for each year is equal to 1/10 (one-tenth) of the Total and Permanent Disability Benefit.
  • If the Insured dies before 10 such payments have been made, the remaining amount will be paid in one lump sum.
  • This is a non-participating and without-cash-value product
  • Entry age: 18 to 64 years
  • Expiry date: 65 years
  • Payment frequency: in accordance with the main policy (quarterly, half-yearly, yearly)
  • Inclusion: Universal Life variants including Universal Option, Pre-eminent Option, Family Package Option A1, Family Package Option A2, Family Package Option BII, and Whole Life

Inflation Indexed Term Rider


Consumer Price Index Table

Learn about the latest CPI % values here.


Month CPI (%)
January 106.40
February 105.45
March 104.65
April 104.39
May 104.45
June 104.72
July 104.98
August 104.94
September 104.31
October 103.62
November 103.23



Month CPI (%)
January 106.81
February 107.07
March 107.02
April 106.64
May 106.61
June 106.36
July 106.69
August 107.29
September 107.50
October 106.30
November 105.92
December 105.78



Month CPI (%)
January 118.13
February 117.27
March 116.44
April 114.15
May 110.54
June 108.34
July 106.90
August 105.35
September 105.04
October 106.48
November 107.00
December 107.08



Month CPI (%)
January 111.75
February 112.17
March 112.31
April 113.89
May 117.51
June 119.78
July 120.82
August 122.16
September 123.02
October 122.42
November 121.59
December 119.83



Month CPI (%)
January 106.52
February 107.62
March 108.46
April 109.46
May 109.23
June 109.05
July 108.69
August 108.19
September 108.18
October 108.88
November 109.66
December 111.09



Month CPI (%)
March 111.25
April 109.23
May 105.58
June 103.94
July 103.94
August 103.31
September 101.97
October 102.42
November 102.99
December 104.35

This document provides basic information about the product(s). Please contact Chubb Life Sales Team or hotline on (84.8) 38 27 8123 for more details.

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