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A practical and all-rounded financial protection solution, this product will help new parents rest assured that their children are well protected.

Coverage Highlights

Key benefits of "Chubb Life – Education for Perfect Future" include:

• Protection from womb to adulthood – Long protection period from a 16-week-old fetus to a 27-year-old adult.
Education Cash Benefit – Your child’s education fund is guaranteed by Chubb Life in Vietnam as a payment worth 105% of the total accumulated premium, rewarded as either annuities over the last five years of the Policy or a lump sum on maturity date.
Excellent Graduation Award – with the prime up to 150 million VND – An award from Chubb Life in Vietnam to outstanding insured freshman who is the Top 10 scorers admitted to public universities and colleges of Vietnam.
• Health coverage – Your children’s health will also be taken care from newly born to 27 year-old, covered by Hospital Cash Benefit, Juvenile Critical Illness Benefit, or Total & Permanent Disability Benefit.
Waiver of Premium and Financial Support Benefit– safeguarding your children’s education plan against any misfortune that might endanger their parents.

“Chubb Life –Education for Perfect Future” is one-of-a-kind education insurance products in the market offering 24/7 free medical advice and study abroad consulting service. This service is provided by Aspire Lifestyles – a professional provider of study abroad, health care and medical counseling services, especially in emergencies.

Accordingly, the insured of “Chubb Life – Education for Perfect Future” are covered by free-of-charge services, including medical counseling, and the Study abroad counseling and supports.

1. Medical Services

• Doctor in the pocket – Free 24/7 medical advice hotline via telephone
• Free Arrangement of hospital admissions
• Monitoring of medical condition during and after hospitalization

2. Education Services

• School admission consultation and support
• Visa Requirement and Application Assistance.
• Overseas Residence arrangement
• Parent Notification: Kid safe arrival, Kid school performance.
• Legal service referral.
• Lost passport and visa re-application assistance, etc.

Chubb Life - Education for Perfect Future

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