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You have loans that cater to your and your family's plans and needs. However, the question is if you cannot afford it, who will help you to take responsibilities for the loans and take care of your family?

Chubb Life's Credit Life insurance product guarantees the ability to pay off your credit loans in case of unfortunate events occuring, which helps you and your family to fulfill your cherished dreams.

Coverage Highlights

  • Low insurance premiums
  • Payment of the principal debit balance and interest when an insurance event occurs
  • Suitable for unsecured loans
  • Simplified process

Insurance benefits

Customer will be paid the sum insured which equals to the debit balance at the time the insured is:
• dead; or
• suffered from total and permanent injury.

Conditions of participation

  • Participating age of the insured: from 18 to 65 years old
  • The Insured’s maximum age at the end of the insurance period is 66 years of insurance
  • Insurance period: 01 year and being renewed annually
  • Premium: Annual payment

Credit Life

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