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Parents like you and your spouse are breadwinners for the family. But what if the worst should happen to you? Add more value to your main policy by adding a supplementary rider for your children. This guarantees your child for acceptance to a main policy in the future, and teaches the importance of responsibility from an early age.

Coverage Highlights

Death Benefit

If the Insured dies while the rider is in force, the payment for the amount of benefit is equal to the face amount multiplied by the percentages specified as follows:

  • 20% if the insured event occurs from the rider issue date to the date prior to the Insured’s 1st birthday;
  • 40% if the insured event occurs from the Insured’s 1st birthday to the date prior to his/her 2nd birthday;
  • 60% if the insured event occurs from the Insured’s 2nd birthday to the date prior to his/her 3rd birthday;
  • 80% if the insured event occurs from the Insured’s 3rd birthday to the date prior to his/her 4th birthday;
  • 100% if the insured event occurs from the Insured’s 4th birthday onwards.

Total and Permanent Disability (TPD) Benefit

  • If the Insured suffers Total and Permanent Disability (TPD) after reaching 4 years of age, the amount of benefit to be paid is the face amount. The benefit amount shall be made in 10 payments over 10 (ten) years. If the Insured dies before 10 such payments have been made, the remaining amount will be paid in one lump sum.

Product Conversion Benefit

  • Within 60 days since the main Insured dies or suffers TPD, or since the rider’s insured turns 18 (eighteen) years of age, the rider’s Insured will be allowed to convert the rider into a main policy for either Universal Life or Whole Life provided by Chubb Life. The face amount of the converted product shall not be higher than 2 times the rider’s face amount without the Insured undergoing a medical check-up. If the rider’s Insured requests a higher face value in the converted policy, he or she must meet certain requirements set forth by Chubb Life at the time of conversion.
  • This is a non-participating and without-cash-value product
  • Entry age: from 0 to 17 years
  • Expiry age: 18 years
  • The minimum face amount is VND 25 million and the maximum is equal to 25% of the main policy’s face amount, but is not to exceed VND 250 million
  • Payment frequency: in accordance with the main policy (quarterly, half-yearly, yearly)
  • Inclusion: Premier Universal Life

Child Term

Please see full details of the Product Description and Policy Wordings as below:

This document provides basic information about the product(s). Please contact Chubb Life Sales Team or hotline on (84.8) 38 27 8123 for more details.

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