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  1. What supporting documents does Chubb require for claim consideration?
    We require different documentation depending on the type of products. For further details, please refer to “How to Make a Claim”
  2. How can I know that Chubb received my claim submission? 
    Chubb will acknowledge receipt of all newly reported losses within five working days. Along with this acknowledgment, we will advise you of the name and telephone/extension number of the person handling the claim. Where necessary, we will also ask for any missing claims documentation.
  3. How long does Chubb take to make a claim payment?
    After the completed claim documentation has been received, the eligible claims payments will be transferred to the beneficiary’s bank account within 15 working days. We will explain why certain items of the claims have not been accepted as claimable, if applicable.
  4. Why does Chubb need to request medical records for Accident and Health claims?
    If the Policyholder has held a personal accident Policy with us for less than one year and was treated in hospital for any chronic disease/illness (e.g., hypertension, heart disease, tumor, gallstones, etc.), we need to check whether the Policyholder had been treated for that chronic disease before the Policy's effective date, since pre-existing conditions are excluded under the Policy.
  5. In the case of hospitalization under the social security scheme, is the Policy-holder still entitled to a claim for daily benefit, and what documents does Chubb require in the absence of a medical receipt?
    The Insured is entitled to claim for daily benefit from Chubb by submitting the following documentation:
    • Completed Claim Form
    • Medical Certificate stating the details of sickness or injury due to the accident and the number of hospitalization days.
    • Relevant documents as mentioned in "How to Make a Claim"
  6. In the event that the Insured‘s medical expenses have been partially reimbursed by another insurance program, how can the Insured claim the balance from Chubb?
    The Policyholder must ask the other company or companies to certify the amount being paid towards the medical receipts, together with their stamp, and then send the certified medical receipt to Chubb for further consideration.
  7. In the event of a death claim, if the Policy-holder has more than one Policy, will the beneficiary get the indemnity from every Policy?
    If the cause of death is covered under the Policies, the beneficiary is entitled to the claim payments from every Policy.
  8. What is Chubb's method of claim payment?
    We will issue the settlement notice to the Policyholder to, the address stated on the Claim Form. A bank transfer will be made to the bank account provided by the Insured. If a cash settlement is required, the claimant can receive cash at Dong A Bank's counters near his/her residence.