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Chubb provides coverage for global group personal accident, death and permanent disability due to accidents. Death insurance is designed to suit the needs of business customers.

Coverage Highlights

  • Death: This is payable in the event of loss of the insured’s life
  • Disability: There are different levels of disability (from partial to total and permanent disability), depending on the injury rate table used. This benefit is paid in lump sum or in equal instalments for a period of time.
  • Medical fee coverage: this insurance reimburses for the Insured Person any fees incurred during treatment of any injury in accident. This coverage is usually subject to a minimum amount and clearly defined insurance limits.
  • Hospital Income: this insurance pays the Insured Person in cash for each day in hospital due to accident. This amount is used for any purpose.
  • Other insurance benefits and extended terms are available to choose from
  • All benefits are paid only in event of accident

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