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Leisure and entertainment venues are increasingly popular. The costs and disruption associated with accidents involving the guests, injuries to employees, and damage to property from fire, smoke, or water intrusion can be significant. At times, these losses can severely cripple or even force a business to close its doors.

The gaming industry is one of very few industries that incorporate many business segments under one roof. Retail, entertainment, hospitality and gaming operations are combined into a single multi-billion dollar industry. Today, more than 180 countries participate in some form of legal gambling, ranging from standalone casinos, riverboat and dockside casinos, and casino hotels to gambling machine manufacturers and Internet gambling services.

To help combat these losses and keep your business—and its profits—growing, partner with Chubb Risk Engineering Services to address your risks and exposures. Our risk engineers have extensive experience and examples of our services include:

  • Public exposures including slip and fall analysis, assistance with accident after actions, water attractions and security evaluations
  • Kitchen operations including food safety
  • Management of contractual liability, both for suppliers and contracted services
  • Property protection addressing fire detection and suppression, reduction of fire exposures, chemical storage, and water intrusion identification and evaluation
  • Assessment of evacuation planning exposures
  • Risk controls programs
  • Security assessments
  • Business Interruption reviews

Our risk engineers have extensive experience in a wide variety of operations with unique exposures. From your day-to-day operations to developing new customer experiences, we can share in-depth insight to help reduce risks for your business and your customers.

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