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In today’s world, both mobility and travel have become part and parcel of life. So there’s a real need for travellers to insure against unforeseen events that may disrupt their holiday plans or business trips. If you’re looking for a global insurer that’s backed by expertise in providing insurance for a broad variety of needs including Travel, we have just the solution for you.

Chubb seeks and establishes relationships with like-minded partners to provide quality personal travel insurance cover for their clients. Our solutions are flexible and can be tailored to suit an organisation’s customer profile. We have a proven track record – both locally and globally – of providing reliable solutions that cover unforeseen events like accidental death, permanent disability, personal liability or emergency evacuation.

Our travel insurance also covers potential inconveniences such as loss of money, travel documents and baggage as well as flight cancellations and delays. In addition, the insurance coverage extends to medical reimbursement, usually with high limits – something that can be very useful in the event that overseas medical treatment is required as such treatment can be costly.

People generally trust organisations that they belong to and value the opportunity to access high-quality insurance coverage through them. With our superior product and service offerings, we’ll ensure that this trust is not misplaced.


  • Worldwide coverage
  • High limits for medical reimbursement
  • Customised tailored solutions to meet your customers’ needs

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