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Worldview® is an easy-to-use web-based application that provides real-time access to Chubb’s systems and expertise in one application. It is the most powerful, effective and transparent tool of its kind in the industry, and it is available exclusively to Chubb clients and brokers.

Bringing It All Together

Revolutionising Insurance Program Management

Our innovative technology enhances your overall customer experience by offering greater control over your program. With more than 17,000 users, Worldview helps you more effectively and seamlessly manage and track all aspects of your multinational programs in real-time from an intuitive, easy-to-navigate home screen. The portal provides a number of functions including:

  • Policy issuance and electronic delivery of program documents
  • Premium tracking and money movement
  • Claims information, assessment, and reporting
  • Account servicing and collaboration with your Chubb team


Features & Benefits

Electronic Delivery of Policies
Electronic issuance of policies and endorsements via the Worldview portal to all policyholders who consent to electronic delivery, anytime, anywhere.

Document Library
A comprehensive electronic repository of all policies and endorsements.

Multinational Program Summary
Allows users to track key multinational program activities across the global Chubb network. Easily view, filter, or export information as well as set up automatic alerts for when tasks are completed for greater efficiency.

Detailed Loss Information
Real-time online display of loss data, multiple export functions for quick download of loss data, loss reporting and reporting tools, loss alerts and triggers and claims documents. Quick assessment of financial impact for better cost management.

Report Center
Allows users to generate detailed reports showing the status of the activities on the program and also details of the activities that are available. Reports can be generated in multiple formats (PDF, Excel, and HTML) and these reports will be stored temporarily for easy retrieval. Enables clients to provide timely updates from one system for regular decision making.

Social Collaboration
Clients and brokers can connect and communicate in real-time with anyone who has a stake in their Chubb program, including underwriters, claims managers, service teams and account executives. Our virtual Worldview Community is designed to facilitate collaboration among all parties to provide you with communication, workflow improvements and shorter response times.

Multinational Research Tool
Available for multinational users, the Multinational Research Tool (MRT) is powered in part by AXCO, a leading independent supplier of global insurance marketing information. MRT provides critical, up-to-date information allowing users to research, monitor, evaluate and report on the changing compliance and market environment for insurance in over 200 countries and 16 different product lines.

—Topics include: Local policy regulations, policy taxes and charges, reinsurance & claims regulations, local standard policy coverage and conditions, and Chubb network information.

As valuable insights are derived from critical information, clients can make business decisions with greater certainty in an increasingly uncertain world.


Claims Service
A comprehensive listing of claims contacts as well as claims submission information.

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