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Care Programme is specially designed to provide a range of individual insurance solutions to employees of corporate clients (employers) through worksite marketing. 

With Care Programme, employers can now provide additional benefits to their employees at no cost. Employees will also have the option to receive additional coverage to complement their corporate insurance, to protect themselves and their dependents against unforeseen events.


Coverage Highlights

Benefits for employers

  • Demonstrates commitment and support for employees
  • Provides portable and affordable protection for employees and their families
  • Builds employees’ knowledge of healthcare coverage
  • Workforce retention
  • Addresses diverse employee needs

Benefits for employees

  • Offers optional benefits which employees can select/purchase to suit their needs
  • Supplements current corporate and personal coverage
  • Provides updates on the reforms of Medisave and MediShield plans
  • Offers extended coverage for family members
  • Transportability – seamless and continuous medical coverage whether employed, retired or with another employer

Interested in this programme?

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