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In an industry that involves big sums of money and client confidence, it’s wise to protect your investment managers, fund managers and the like from on-the-job risks – from breach of trust to fraud. Chubb’s Investment Management Insurance coverage includes past subsidiaries and employees, and you can stretch it to include those for whom the insured is accountable.

Coverage Highlights


  • Covers claims arising from acts, errors, omissions, breach of duty, breach of trust, breach of authority, misstatement or a misleading statement by the investment manager or managed investment scheme in the course of conducting investment-related services
  • Includes fraud, dishonesty, theft, computer or funds transfer fraud, counterfeiting, forgery, or criminal damage by any employee or third party
  • Provides protection for the investment manager, managed investment scheme, responsible entity and the compliance committee
  • Broad definition of ‘Investment Services’
  • Extends to persons for whom the responsible entity is accountable
  • Covers all past or present subsidiaries as well as all directors, officers or employees
  • Defence costs are advanced to the entity as they’re incurred

Forms and Documents

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