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In the event of a cyber incident, Chubb’s policyholders have access to a team of independent vendors with expertise across a wide range of services. Our incident reporting capabilities are accessible 24/7 via your mobile device, computer or phone. After the incident is reported, the details will be sent to a local Incident Response Manager who will contact you directly to handle the aftermath of the attack – from minimising losses to managing reputational damage. The Incident Response Manager will engage the larger Incident Response Team for expert assistance if required, either via our panel of vendors or your existing vendors upon your request.

Incident Response Manager

  • Following a policyholder's notification of an incident, a cyber Incident Response Manager is engaged to provide expert assistance 
  • Incident Response Managers consist of independent legal experts and loss adjusters around the world
  • Location of the Incident Response Manager is assigned based on location of the incident
  • Core services include incident triage, consultation, coordination of the incident response strategy and pre-litigation services

Incident Response Team

  • The team brings together critical information and resources to develop an appropriate incident response strategy to assist our policyholders
  • Comprises an independent panel of specialists in crisis management, computer forensics, legal, notification, call centre, public relations, fraud consultation, credit monitoring and identity restoration service areas
  • Our policyholders can select from among a multitude of vendors from our panel offering pre-negotiated rates and service standards 
  • Our policyholders are not obligated to select a vendor from our panel. We are flexible if you wish to engage the help of your own response service vendor(s)

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