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We draw upon the expertise of our experienced underwriters to create customised solutions for a wide variety of shipping needs. Our Cargo product gives you access to an in-house risk management team of specialist surveyors and loss control advisors that work closely with our claims adjustors.

Coverage Highlights

Areas of focus

  • Annual and open cargo insurance for exporters, importers and traders
  • Cargo insurance for the movement of bulk and packaged dangerous goods
  • Fine art and valuable goods
  • Inland transit insurance
  • Open cargo insurance facility for logistics companies and their customers
  • Project and critical cargo insurance
  • Single shipment cargo insurance
  • Freight liability and shipment insurance sales platforms for logistics companies
  • Complex, non-standard and unusual cargo risks
  • Web-based system to quote and issue Marine insurance
  • Shipment insurance products for logistics companies and retailers to integrate within own web-based or ‘brick and mortar’ sales environments

We’re able to provide a high limit protection of up to USD25 million for any one conveyance, with additional capacity made available where required.

Forms and Documents

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