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Going beyond customers' expectations

Chubb in Singapore is proud to receive the 2019 Excellent Service Award

The Excellent Service Award (EXSA) is a national award managed by SPRING Singapore and administered by the Association of Banks in Singapore. EXSA recognises the best of the best individuals who have gone beyond the call of duty to deliver exceptional service in their respective lines of work. The award was implemented to recognise the efforts of service staff and inspire them to reach greater heights, be service champions and enhance professionalism in their service delivery.

Participating organisations from various industries were tasked to nominate their employees for the 3 award levels – Silver Award, Gold Award, Star or SuperStar Award. In order to be eligible, nominees must reach at least a year of service with the organisation and have attended at least 1 Service Skill Upgrading programme in the past year. Nominees must also attain at least 2 customer compliments and provide constructive suggestions that contribute to service improvement during the qualifying period of the award nomination.

Characteristics of EXSA nominees

EXSA nominees must also possess the following characteristics:

  • Prompt and proactive in anticipating and attending to customer
  • Accurate, consistent and seamless in service delivery
  • Knowledgeable and helpful in communicating service offerings
  • Empathetic, flexible and uses good judgement to understand and respond to different needs
  • Effective and reflective in the handling of feedback and resolution of difficult situations

Our award recipient

This year, we honour the achievements of our Chubb employee who received the award:

  • Gold Award: Mr. Kho Yen Wei

Our award recipient was presented with a certificate and EXSA pin. Congratulations to Mr. Kho and we are very proud of his efforts in providing great service and being a service champion!

Interested in working at Chubb?

We’re always on the look-out for individuals with a committed discipline to their craft, a strong work ethic and strong sense of accountability.