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Pollution and other environmental damage can escalate within hours, severely disrupting your business and damaging your reputation. That's why having a partner who can quickly mobilise resources, minimise negative impact and get you back on track is crucial. But we don't stop there. Even after you're back to business as usual, we'll continue to work with you and your organisation to improve your risk of future exposure and incidents. Hopefully, you'll never have to file another claim, but if you do, you'll be ready.

Pollution and other environmental damage can escalate within hours.

What makes the Chubb Environmental claims process different?

  • Environmental claims specialists who are empowered to act immediately once a claim is notified
  • Immediate mobilisation of experts and specialists, such as environmental engineers, industrial chemists and biologists with the necessary cleanup equipment and expertise
  • Global reach and local expertise allow us to use our resources to better understand local dynamics, customs and regulatory issues
  • Quick settlement of environmental claims to help customers avoid unnecessary litigation when possible
  • Issuance of interim payments to help keep businesses going while claims are being settled
  • Relationships with local environmental agencies to help manage and contain crisis situations

Who to contact:
Peter Donnellan
Claims Manager, Ireland
5 George's Dock, IFSC, Dublin 1, Ireland
T: 353 1 440 1751   
M: 353 86 829 2589