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Crisis management and protection against a reputational damage.

Terrorist acts and assaults are increasing and are in the focus of public reporting. Society expects companies to inform their customers, visitors and employees adequately in case of a crisis as well as to support them financially afterwards. Crisis Protect covers companies or organizations with financial and practical assistance should any accident or complex crisis situation happen.

Who Might Be Interested in this Insurance?

Crisis Protect is designed for companies or organizations where many customers, visitors or employees are likely to be affected in the event of accidents or incidents. For example:

  • Cinemas and Stadiums
  • Holiday Resorts and Hotels
  • Banks and Retail stores
  • TV Stations

Insured Benefits

Accident insurance including Assistance for insured persons:

  • Permanent disability and Accidental death benefit
  • Medical treatment costs
  • Benefit in the event of serious injury
  • Cosmetic operations
  • Psychological support and rehabilitation
  • Additional assistance services such as organization of emergency transport
  • etc.

Assistance services for companies/organizations:

  • Crisis PR management by external specialized PR agency
  • Emergency counselling expenses

The Advantages

  • Provides financial protection and valuable assistance services to affected persons in complex crisis situations
  • Supports businesses to effectively manage the reputational risk
  • Promotes strong public relations and image in the event of an incident
  • Reduces potential for negative public relations


The purpose of this information is to provide a first overview of the possible insurance cover included in the Crisis Protect policy. For the full and legally binding terms and conditions, please refer to your policy documentation.