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L’arrivée prochaine d’un bébé peut être une expérience quelque peu intense : après tout, il faut vous préparer à la venue de ce petit être, rassembler les articles nécessaires à son bien-être et éliminer tous les dangers de votre habitation. Pourquoi ne pas en profiter pour suivre ces recommandations afin d’assurer la sécurité de tous les membres de la famille?

  1. Place a smoke detector outside of each room.

    Install at least one smoke detector per floor, and one outside each bedroom or sleeping area (including baby's room). Don't put one in the kitchen or bathroom, as it will go off too easily by accident - and you should never ignore such a signal.

  2. Install carbon monoxide detectors.

    Carbon monoxide is a poisonous gas without color, odor or taste that can be produced by faulty appliances, such as dryers, ranges and gas water heaters. It is therefore wise to place at least one detector on each floor housing additional chambers and detectors near gas-powered equipment.

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  3. Consider getting a security system.

    With a new baby in the house, a safety system might help you sleep soundly (if your little one is willing). This will ensure rapid assistance in case of need, especially if someone tries to break into your home.

  4. Install a leak detection system.

    The last thing you need when a baby is born is that a faucet left open or a leak on one of your devices is causing water damage. A detection system immediately alerts you if a leak occurs, before it becomes unmanageable and causes damage.

  5. Secure your internet network, especially if you use smart home devices.

    Smart home devices, like baby monitors and cameras, can help you manage your busy life as a new parent. But if someone hacks into your Wi-Fi network, they could gain access to your family's activities and your personal and financial information. Make sure you keep your internet connection as secure as possible - and know who to turn to in the event of an attack

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  6. Store your valuables in a safe place.

    If a newborn is a priori not yet capable of overturning valuable sculptures, tired parents are sometimes walking dangers. Consider putting your most fragile and valuable items in a safe place for a while to keep them in one piece.