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Nelly Hristova, Claims Adjuster Marine

“We work towards a swift handling of your claim that exceeds your expectations.”

Martijn Vliem, Senior Claims Adjuster Property

“Together with all involved parties we work hard to find the most satisfying solution for our insured as fast as possible.”

Karen Hasselo, A&H Claims Manager Benelux

“A&H claims are usually events that impact an insured's personal/family life. Our team goes that extra mile to support the claimant and mitigate the effects."

Bart Kooij, Claims Adjuster Casualty

"By being flexible and thinking outside the box I strive to offer our customers the best possible service."

a man walking in the rain
Flying cars. Crash landing.

“Chubb was there within hours, they ensured we had the right resources and we were able to open the next day.”

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To find out more about specific product-line claims, visit our Claims Difference page.