SEPA stands for Single Euro Payments Area. Europe is creating a single payment area. There are some small changes for the direct debit. Chubb has been using direct billing as a payment option, in Dutch it is called “acceptgiro”, for quite a while. As you may know your bank account number will change as well. It is replaced by IBAN. You will find more information on this page.

The direct debit

Make paying your insurance premium easier by opting for automatic payment to Chubb using the European direct debit.

European Direct Debit

As a customer you authorise, also known as giving a mandate to, Chubb to withdraw the amount of the premium from your account. This constitutes a contract which binds you to Chubb. If you would like to subscribe to a direct debit as a payment method, you should get in touch with Chubb.

Changes with regard to the Dutch direct debit (“automatische incasso”)

All Dutch private customers have to deal with SEPA. The way in which Chubb processes payments and direct debits, remains more or less the same. The most notable change for you is the change of the bank account number. You current number will be longer. Your own bank will inform you about your account number. The bank account number will be known as International Bank Account Number, or IBAN. You do not need to contact Chubb to inform us about the new account number. Chubb will make the necessary changes in the internal systems.

Improved protection for you

From now on you will be notified in advance by your bank when a direct debit will be collected from your bank account. If you would like to have more information on that notification, please contact your bank.

Direct bill / Acceptgiro

The European transfer is a new payment option that will replace the Dutch direct bill or “Acceptgiro”. Some companies, including Chubb, choose to switch to invoices instead of “acceptgiro” as a method for billing the premium. This still allows customers to transfer the premium into the Chubb bank account.

How to pay by invoice, when you currently pay by “acceptgiro”?

Chubb will send you an invoice, instead of an acceptgiro, from the endof January 2014 onwards.

You can transfer the premium to the account number (IBAN) that is mentioned on the Chubb invoice.

On the invoice the BIC (also known as Swift) of Chubb is mentioned. This is needed if you which to transfer funds from a foreign bank account.

Paying via direct bill or “acceptgiro” for individual customers of Chubb in the Netherlands will no longer be possible as of late January 2014.

How to recognize the new Chubb invoice?

The invoice is a letter that meets the following requirements:
  • Personalised letter
  • Mentioning of your policy number and the name of your insurance
  • Amount in Euro
  • The account number and logo of Chubb

Should you wish to pay via direct debit, please contact the Chubb customer service.


IBAN is a standardised way to mention bank account numbers within Europe. The IBAN-code is created from an account number, a country code, a numeric check identifier and a bank code.

Example of a Dutch IBAN: NL32INGB0000092273

Calculate your IBAN for your account number(s) via 


BIC (Bank Identification Code) is a unique code that is being used to identify international banks. When making an international transfer, within or outside Europe, you have to submit the BIC of the beneficiaries bank.

Chubb works with ING Bank for the billing and collection of premium of individual policies. The BIC of ING Netherlands is INGBNL2A.