Confidence in Conflict: Insuring your business against civil unrest

We have teamed up with Kennedys and IHS Markit to explore the increasing risk of global civil unrest and how the insurance market is evolving in response.

Our Offering

Comprehensive cover that protects you against the impact of political violence and instability. We offer one policy combining various property and terrorism coverages. Would you like to know more? Don’t hesitate and get in touch.

Chubb’s Terrorism and Political Violence offering has been designed to respond to the challenges of this complex and evolving risk landscape.

Aimed at multinational businesses, we offer comprehensive, market-leading cover through our global network for the full spectrum of terrorism and political violence perils.

For further information about our cover and services, including non-damage business interruption cover and our specialist risk-evaluation and data-analytics, contact a member of our team. 

Contact our team

Denis De Puydt 
Senior Property and Terrorism Underwriter, Benelux

Robert Zijderveld 
Senior Property and Terrorism Underwriter, Benelux