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Chubb European Group SE
Direktion für Österreich
Kärntner Ring 5-7
1010 Wien

T:  +43 1 710 93 55
F:  +43 1 710 95 20

Represented by: Legal Representative
Walter Lentsch

Register entry:Handelsgericht Wien
Firmenbuchnummer FN 241268g
Company's head office: Paris, France

tax ID number: ATU 61835214

Responsible supervisory authority: Chubb European Group SE has fully paid share capital of € 896.176.662,-- and is subject to the authorisation and supervision of “Autorité de contrôle prudentiel et de résolution (ACPR) 4”, Place de Budapest, CS 92459, 75436 PARIS CEDEX 09 and the Austrian branch is also subject to the regulations of the Federal Financial Supervisory Authority (FMA) for carrying out business activities, which may differ from the French regulations.

Directors: Adam Clifford, David Furby, Sara Mitchell, Veronique Souhil, Adair Turner, Miriam Connole, Kate Richards, Mark McCausland, Kenneth Koreyva

This legal notice applies to all telemedia services provided by Chubb European Group SE, Direktion für Österreich

Version: March 2021