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Our team of transportation risk managers is made up of senior-level logistics specialists from the most diverse links in the logistics chain, from sea captains to logisticians. This specialist division is tasked with advising our underwriters and claims adjusters, as well as clients and brokers, in the assessment of risks, and consequently, with ensuring that the supply chain is safe and smooth worldwide.

In addition to this, the transportation risk managers are able to rely on our international network of contracting parties and experts.


Project Cargo Risk Management

Risk management and loss prevention for large infrastructure projects such as power stations, petrochemical refineries, steel mills and wind power plants.

Analysis of the entire transportation chain (full supply chain reviews)

This includes those areas of responsibility that go hand in hand with a smooth supply chain, such as:

  • Preparation of reports on packaging damage
  • Completion of surveys and inspections of storage facilities
  • Advisory service: safety and security for storage facilities and vehicles used
  • Advisory service: load securing
  • Client training
  • Controlling of cold chains

Seaworthiness inspection

Inspection of seaworthiness – on site, where necessary. Where vessels are over 20 years old, clarification should be requested by the underwriter or client.

Training and seminars

Organisation of training sessions and seminars at our clients’ premises, focused on various transportation and logistics topics such transport packaging, load securing or vehicle safety.

Product Information

The global requirement for energy, transportation, industrial infrastructure and the possibility to use natural resources provides numerous opportunities for businesses, manufacturers and investors. The supply and transportation of the necessary resources, new investments in renewable energies and the modernisation of infrastructure in industrialised countries requires special insurance for the area of cargo.

Global Property Risk Engineering

Due to our risk philosophy and the engineers from our Global Property Risk Engineering team, we can provide businesses and brokers with a special service for safeguarding the businesses’ very existence.

Casualty Risk Engineering