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We have developed innovative insurance solutions and industry-leading claims capabilities for mobile network operators and electrical retailers. This means that we can provide the customers of these businesses with essential protection for their mobile devices. 


The loss of devices such as mobile phones, smartphones, iPads, netbooks and laptops due to theft or damage can have serious consequences for the individual user. A network operator that is unable to provide appropriate and timely support at a moment like this risks losing the customer.

We work with mobile network operators and retail distributors to develop insurance solutions tailored to their business objectives and customers’ needs. This worldwide cover ensures that their customers can immediately access a claims service if they need a replacement device or a repair.

Our electronic device protection programme provides great benefits for mobile network operators and retailers while helping their customers to get on with their professional and private lives unhindered. Many of our partners create additional revenue streams from these protection programmes and make them an integral part of their customer experience strategies and loyalty programmes. Our company differentiates itself through a consultative approach to programme design and implementation and transparency in our programme management. This has resulted in long-term relationships throughout Europe with many of the world’s leading network operators and retailers.

Insurance Concepts

  • Insurance of mobile end devices against loss due to theft or damage
  • Design, implementation and underwriting
  • Claims management services
  • Captive solutions