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That certain something for your cards.

We have many years' experience in developing and implementing successful customer solutions. Equip your debit/credit/loyalty cards, whether payment cards or not, with intelligent insurance solutions and add to your business's success.

Who might be interested in the insurance?

Card issuing companies:

credit cards, debit cards, loyalty cards, reward cards, whether payment cards or not


The insurance cover is activated whenever the card is used for payment



  • International travel accident insurance, travel luggage insurance, international health insurance, etc.


  • Personal accident insurance whenever the card is used to pay for petrol at petrol stations or to purchase travel tickets, etc.


  • Insurance to cover purchased goods against damage, destruction or robbery
  • Accidents on the way home from shopping

Card security for when the card is a payment card

  • Instalment protection plan covering the cardholder's unemployment through no fault of his own or his unfitness for work

The Advantages for You

  • Activation of the insurance cover through use of the card
  • Increased card sales as the result of an integrated insurance solution
  • Strengthened customer loyalty


  • Many years' experience in the credit card business
  • More than 35 years' successful collaboration with prestigious credit card issuers worldwide
  • Efficient in-house claims management


The purpose of this information is to provide a first overview of the possible insurance benefits for Debit/Credit/Loyalty Cards. For the full and legally binding terms and conditions, please refer to your policy documentation.