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The fast progression of technology and increasing globalisation have given rise to more and more new opportunities in the innovative and complex Life Science and also the IT and Telecommunicatons sector – but there are also new risks.

Life Science - Expertise

Many medical technology, pharmazeutical and biotechnology companies operate worldwide. This poses certain challenges, since the different markets and country-specific rules and regulations can vary considerably.

We understand the diverse and complicated market conditions faced by businesses in the area of Life Science – whether they are startups or multinationals – and provide personalised solutions to insure against the challenging risks at national and international level.

The insurance of clinical trials in Austria and abroad is subject to country-specific insurance requirements, which change continuously and pose new challenges to sponsors of clinical studies. Due to an almost worldwide network of subsidiaries and partners Chubb can offer subjects insurance as independent and individual solutions for clinical trials in Austria and abroad.

IT-/ Telekommunications - Expertise

As one of the first insurers offering in the United States coverage for companies in the information and communications technology industry, Chubb develops specific insurance solutions for this sector since the 1970s. Since 1999 we also provide personalised solutions in Austria as the first insurer to meet the individual and specific insurance needs of technology companies – from start-ups to multinational corporations – at local and multinational level.

Our portfolio includes – in addition to public, product and property damage liability insurance – property and BI insurance, which is an all-risk insurance based on USLE and which can also be offered for named perils. Optionally it can be extended by a data and software coverage.