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Unstoppable climate change

Despite all efforts made in terms of climate protection, the advance of climate change is unstoppable according to many scientists. Researchers from the worldwide "Global Carbon Project" (GCP) report that CO² emissions since the turn of the millennium have grown four times faster than in the decade before. The essence of the findings: the current CO² concentration is the highest it has been in the last 650,000 years.

Our contribution

Climate change affects us all and the associated risks pose serious problems for the insurance sector. It is therefore our task to offer insurance solutions and coverage to protect against the possible consequences, such as hurricanes, flooding and drought. Climate-related risks may also involve increased costs.

We are working both internally and externally on making an active contribution towards the protection of the environment and climate:

  • We became a partner of the US Environmental Protection Agency's (EPA) Climate Leader programme in 2007, pledging to reduce greenhouse gas emissions by ten percent per employee by 2020.
  • As part of our own Green initiative, 104 teams of employees are working on the implementation of local ecological programmes across the globe.
  • Throughout Europe, we are involved as a founding member of ClimateWise, a group of leading insurers dedicated to combatting climate change

Environmental Report

Chubb’s annual environmental report includes all of the insurer's programmes and initiatives regarding better protection of the environment.

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Our Social Responsibility