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Our partners’ contributions to our success is undeniable. As one of the world’s largest and strongest insurers, we offer a range of products and services capabilities through our distribution channels to ensure yours, too.

To assist you in serving your customers, our experienced team of underwriters will work with you to customise insurance products to meet your unique requirements. This means that you can count on us to keep your customers, employees and members protected, however different they are.

As our partner, you can expect more from partnering with Chubb.

Wide breadth of insurance products

Strong products form the backbone of any successful insurer. At Chubb, we offer a diverse range of insurance products for businesses, families and individuals. We’re able to do so by working closely with our partners to develop products that meet the varying needs of our customer segments.

Competitive pricing to enhance your competitive edge

Pricing can affect business in more ways than one. With a large portfolio of corporate business, we can segment the business in order to provide competitive and sustainable local pricing for your clients. In fact, Chubb has actuarial professionals and portfolio managers who periodically review profitability and pricing to enhance your competitive edge.

Service excellence that helps you to increase client satisfaction and loyalty

Great products are nothing without excellent service. That’s why we’re trained to consider unusual risks to help you serve a broader range of clients. In addition, our ability to resolve issues and settle valid claims promptly can help you increase client satisfaction and, in the long term, enhance client loyalty. We also understand that a quick turnaround time, especially for claims and client enquiries, is crucial for customer satisfaction. By having claims professionals in each office in the Asia Pacific region, we can efficiently provide local service to our partners and bring local knowledge to each and every claim.

Chubb is committed to high service quality. That way, you can stay focused on your clients while we do the heavy lifting. You’ll also have more time to acquire new clients and harness the region’s growth potential.

Chubb's Data Analytics Capabilities in motion

Chubb's Data Analytics uses cutting-edge technologies to develop and deploy analytics solutions to turn your data into effective marketing strategies. Partner with Chubb and benefit from our data analytics capabilities.