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The Universal Life (UL) fund is managed by Chubb Life as follows:

1. Investment Objective

To maximise and stabilise the long-term net income (after tax) of the investment portfolio.

2. Investment Strategy

To invest in a portfolio that can generate a reasonably stable fixed income for medium- and long-term investments, which includes debt instruments (mainly debentures, medium- and long-term deposits and other fixed-income media) issued by the state, private financial institutions or other economic entities established and operating under applicable laws in Vietnam.

3. Investment Asset Structure

Issuer % of NAV
Government Bonds 0% - 100%
Corporate Bonds 0% - 40%
Real Estate 0% - 40%
Stocks/Equities 0% - 10%
Cash and Deposits 0% - 20%


4. Investment Benefits for Policyholders

  • The UL fund is formed from the deposit premiums of UL policies after deducting allocation fees, the cost of insurance charges, policy administration fees and other fees (as specified in “Regulations on deducted fees”). The UL fund is separate from the Owners’ fund and other Chubb Life policyholders’ funds.
  • We regularly calculate the actual investment income (after deducting expenses for investment activities) of assets backing the UL fund. We then derive an actual investment yield. The fees for investment activities include transaction fees for fund assets such as banking, brokerage and similar fees paid to third parties.
  • Based on the estimated investment yield, Chubb Life will decide on an interest rate applied to the contract account value after retaining the management fund fee. The management fund fee will go into investment management expenses, comprising salaries and bonuses for investment officers, assets amortisation, investment management software and other related costs. The announced interest rate is applicable from the time it is communicated until Chubb Life announces a new interest rate.
  • Policyholders will benefit from UL investment returns. These benefits are included in the Contract Account Value in the form of monthly interest paid based on the announced interest rate. The Contract Account Value is calculated monthly, which is equal to the Contract Account Value on the same day of the previous month plus or minus the following: a) Adding the allocated premiums (after deducting initial fees) arising in the month (if any) b) Subtracting the monthly deduction c) Adding the monthly interest out of the Contract Account Value
  • Should Chubb Life’s overall UL fund investment returns be better than forecast and the announced interest rate lower than the actual benefits at the end of the fiscal year, Chubb Life will pay the difference to the Contract Account Value in the following year
  • Should Chubb Life’s overall UL fund investment returns be lesser than forecast and the announced interest rate higher than the actual benefits at the end of the fiscal year, the announced interest rate on policyholders’ Contract Account Value will remain unchanged
  • Within 90 days from the date the fiscal year ends, Chubb Life will inform policyholders of the UL fund’s financial capacity and details on investment benefits applicable for that year. This information is also updated on the Chubb Life website.

5. Ratio of Investment Returns

The ratio of investment returns will fluctuate according to the business performance of the investment fund. However, in all cases, Chubb Life guarantees the minimum interest rate on the Contract Account Value of UL products as specified in the Policy as follows:

  • 4% per year for Universal Option, Preeminent Option, Senior Citizen and Family Package
  • 5% per year for the first 10 years and 4% per year for the remaining years of the Policy for Single Premium A & B

6. Adjustment

Given the changing business environment and increasing customer demands, Chubb Life reserves the right to adjust the terms and conditions of the UL Fund as necessary.