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Female travellers can learn these 10 tips to travel safer

In general, the same common sense rules that should be followed by men traveling overseas also apply for women. Women, however, should be aware of some unique problems due to their vulnerability to molestation and sexual harassment.

Female travellers can learn these 10 tips to travel safer:

  1. Dress modestly, especially in developing countries. 
  2. Avoid unnecessary attention by wearing a fake ring. 
  3. Avoid gypsy cabs entirely. When arriving at the airport, utilize cabs from the authorized taxi line; otherwise, use hotel cabs or radio taxis.
  4. Never allow the driver to force you to sit in the front seat. Some drivers will place your luggage in the back seat in an attempt to make you sit up front; insist that they place the luggage in the trunk.
  5. Do not allow the driver to pick up additional passengers. Put up a real fuss, if necessary.
  6. If you do not have access to a car dedicated to you, then plan your routes such that you can find a cab from a safe place e.g. a hotel.
  7. If traveling alone in a questionable country, take your meals in your hotel.
  8. Avoid being out on the streets after dark.
  9. Even during the day, stick to the beaten commercial paths. Avoid casual conversations with men not known to you in high-risk countries, such as India.
  10. If harassed verbally on the street, do not confront the harasser. Instead, duck into a nearby store or other safe places. If no safe alternatives are available nearby, appeal to older men and women in the vicinity for help.

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