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Perspectives on a changing world

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What are senior leaders around the world paying the most attention to in economics, politics, diplomacy, civil service, and business?

As Southeast Asia continues to evolve as a financial and trade hub, and new opportunities open for local economies, we want to help our clients and business partners stay one step ahead of emerging trends, as we continuously look for ways to do more for them.

That’s why we invited esteemed thought leaders from Singapore, Indonesia and India to participate in our Chubb Global Insights interview series. In each insight-packed episode, each of these experts explain the political and cultural histories that make Asia unique as well as the region’s future potential on the global stage.


Episode 1

Shifting power in Southeast Asia


with Bilahari Kausikan, Permanent Secretary, Ministry of Foreign Affairs (Singapore), 2010 – 2013

Watch the discussion between Bilahari Kausikan and Edward Ler, Chubb’s Head of Southeast Asia, on:

  • ASEAN’s (Association of Southeast Asian Nations) success in promoting economic development and peace and security in the region
  • the evolving relationship of Southeast Asia with its powerful neighbors, China and Japan
  • how Singapore can stay relevant in a post-COVID world
  • the economic impact of increased digitization
  • the vital role of the United States in maintaining stability in the Indo-Pacific region as a whole


“If you are in a business that puts a premium on quality, safety, and trust in the regulatory environment; if you are in a business that needs a very high-quality labor force at the high end of the value chain, then I think you have to be in Singapore.”

- Bilahari Kausikan


Episode 2

Indonesia and Southeast Asia


with Gita Wirjawan, Indonesia’s Minister of Trade, 2011 – 2014

Watch the discussion between Gita Wirjawan and Paul McNamee, Chubb’s Regional President, on:

  • investment opportunities presented by an increasingly robust middle class and strengthening economies across Southeast Asia
  • the advancement of financial inclusion made possible by digitization
  • the future of trade with China
  • Indonesia’s upcoming presidency of the G20


“Money needs to go somewhere, and money typically doesn’t like to go to places that are unpeaceful, unstable. Money likes to go to places that are relatively peaceful and stable—and Southeast Asia is pretty peaceful and stable. So, it really boils down to our ability to better speak about the potential of the region.”

- Gita Wirjawan


Episode 3

India's evolving business environment


with Tarun Das, Former Director General, Confederation of Indian Industry

Watch the discussion between Tarun Das and Juan Luis Ortega, President of Chubb Overseas General Insurance, on:

  • the importance of government reforms that are helping to open India’s economy to foreign business
  • the country’s recent accomplishments like the manufacture and distribution of COVID-19 vaccines
  • the success of India’s green agenda
  • the positive economic relationships between India with the rest of ASEAN
  • the expansion of trade agreements with the U.S., the EU and the U.K.


“Reform towards opening the economy is good for India, good for Indian business and good for foreign business in India. It’s good for everybody.”

- Tarun Das


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