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What are senior leaders around the world paying the most attention to in economics, politics, diplomacy, civil service, and business? Through our International Advisory Board (IAB), Chubb clients can stay one step ahead of emerging trends, thanks to the remarkable insights from the senior thought leaders participating in our Chubb Global Insights interview series. As part of how we look for ways to do more for our clients and business partners, we’re delighted to share what they have to say.

Interview Series 1: The West

From the state of Brexit to the COVID-19 vaccine crisis in Europe to turmoil in the U.S. political system to the future of Western relations with China, our European and U.S. experts speak to emerging trends in Europe and the United States, and the shifting and delicate balance of global power.

The U.K.: Past, Present and Future

With Lord Powell of Bayswater

Foreign Policy Advisor to Margaret Thatcher and John Major,  1983 – 1991

“Brexit is not the end of the world and it’s not salvation—it’s somewhere in-between. Companies will need time to adapt to the very complex rules and regulations of trading with the rest of Europe. There’s going to be a shakedown period while people readjust.”

America Under President Biden

With Senator Kelly A. Ayotte

United States Senate New Hampshire,
2011 – 2017

“I think trade policy is not going to change dramatically between the two administrations. The approach will change, and the outreach will change, but we’re still going to see a more restrictive trade policy… There are fewer disputes on trade issues that there ever were historically.”

Europe After Brexit

With Lionel Barber

Editor of the Financial Times,
2005 – 2020

“When you interview Vladimir Putin, it’s like dealing with a master of destabilization—it’s quite unerring how he can fix you and not necessarily answer the question directly. At one point he said, ‘the liberal idea is a spent force. It’s obsolete.'”

Interview Series 2: Southeast Asia

As Southeast Asia continues to evolve as a financial and trade hub, and new opportunities open for local economies, our experts from Singapore, Indonesia and India explain the political and cultural histories that make the region unique — and provide insights about its future potential on the global stage. 

Shifting power in Southeast Asia

With Bilahari Kausikan

Permanent Secretary, Ministry of Foreign Affairs (Singapore), 2010 – 2013

“If you are in a business that puts a premium on quality, safety, and trust in the regulatory environment; if you are in a business that needs a very high quality labor force at the high end of the value chain, then I think you have to be in Singapore.”

Indonesia and Southeast Asia

With Gita Wirjawan

Indonesia’s Minister of Trade, 2011 – 2014

“Money needs to go somewhere, and money typically doesn’t like to go to places that are unpeaceful, unstable. Money likes to go to places that are relatively peaceful and stable—and Southeast Asia is pretty peaceful and stable. So, it really boils down to our ability to better speak about the potential of the region.”

India’s Evolving Business Environment

With Tarun Das

Former Director General, Confederation of Indian Industry

“Reform towards opening the economy is good for India, good for Indian business and good for foreign business in India. It’s good for everybody.”

Interview Series 3: Latin America

A complex and, at times, politically challenging region, Latin America can also be a boon for flexible, agile entrepreneurs. From how and where the experts look for investment opportunity to details on clean energy success, get an authoritative business perspective on this important part of the globe. 

Exploring Opportunities in Latin America

With Alain Belda

Special Limited Partner of Warburg Pincus, São Paulo, and former CEO and Chairman of Alcoa

“Latin America has great entrepreneurs. You have to be a great entrepreneur to survive the cycles of politics and laws… but people survive all that and make a lot of money.”

Books for Business Leaders

From an examination of how COVID-19 has exposed the decline of the West, to an 18th Century bible of the free capitalist market economy, here are some of books senior leaders from around the world recommend.

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