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Home Credit is the fastest growing consumer finance company in the Philippines that promotes the principles of financial inclusion and safe lending by providing world class services to customers. In its capacity to be the leading and responsible consumer finance provider in the Philippines, it has partnered with Chubb Philippines to offer Home Credit Specified Content.

Home Credit Specified Content is designed to meet the appliance insurance needs of Home Credits customers by offering an accidental damage benefit for customer with appliance loans.

Coverage Highlights

Featured Coverage and Benefits

  •  A Specified content insurance under Home Credit Device Protection Program made available for Home Credit customers as part of their loan. It is effective on the date of  the approval of the loan.
  • The benefits of the program involves indemnifying the Insured against the cost of Repair or Replacement of the appliances as detailed in the Policy Schedule where such appliance  has sustained Damage, subject to the terms and conditions herein. Insurance Company  of North America (a Chubb Company) shall only be liable to pay for a maximum of two (2) approved claims during the Period of Insurance.


Insurance Company of North America shall not be liable in respect of:

  1. Items which are not listed in the Policy Schedule or Confirmation of Cover.
  2. Any Damage to the Content/s caused by:
    • being left in a motor vehicle or watercraft;
    • while in transit;
    • while in transit to or stored in any commercial storage facility or furniture repository;
    • while in transit to or stored in any exhibition, auctioneers room, museum, art gallery or when being consigned;
    • when sent by courier or by post;
    • being left in the Open Air;
    • being outside of the Premises;
    • or as a result of mysterious disappearance or misplacement;
    • Theft, attempted theft or burglary
      • by the Insured or any person who is living with the Insured at the Premises;
      • by tenants, roomers, boarders or paying guests and their visitors;
      • by any person who entered the Premises with the Insured’s consent or the consent of any person who is living with the Insured at the Premises;
      • of money and negotiable instruments of any kind unless there is visible evidence of forcible and violent entry at the Premises;
      • from any unlocked motor vehicle at the Premises;
      • from unlocked garages or storage areas of homes, residential flats, units and the like or common areas of residential flats, units and the like and any area of the Premises which is not fully enclosed by walls and a roof or not capable of complete closure and includes but is not limited to the following areas: a veranda, porch, gazebo, carport or any open areas within the land boundaries within the Premises;
    • fire, explosion, lightning or thunderbolt from
      • arcing, sparking, scorching or heat Damage where there is no flame; or
      • irregularities in the power supply unless there is visible evidence of a lightning strike;
    • Acts of Malicious Damage or Vandalism by
      • the Insured or any person who is living with the Insured at the Premises;
      • tenants, roomers, boarders or paying guests and their visitors;
      • Any person who entered the Premises with the Insured’s consent or the consent of anyperson who is living with the Insured at the Premises.
    • Impact
      • caused by any road vehicle or watercraft operated by the Insured , member of the Insured’s family or the Insured’s employee;
      • on paving, paths, driveways or any services, whether underground or not;
      • caused by the lopping or felling of trees at the Premises;
      • resulting in Damage to the television or radio masts or aerials or antennae.
  3. Where bursting, leaking, discharging or overflowing of fixed guttering, fixed tanks, fixed pipes, waterbeds or other fixed apparatus used to hold or carry liquid of any kind occurs, we will not pay for:
    • the cost of Repair or Replacement of the Damaged or defective part or apparatus including waterbeds;
    • Loss or Damage due to faulty or porous shower recesses or cubicles;
    • any additional cost necessary to match existing décor;
    • the cost of Repair or Replacement of structural defects and faulty design;
    • Loss or Damage caused as the result of the gradual escape of liquid over a period of time where the Insured or a reasonable person in the circumstances could be expected to have been aware of such gradual escape of liquid; or
    • Loss or Damage due to lack of maintenance, wear and tear or neglect;
  4. Loss or Damage to the Insured’s Contents which is caused by, arising from or in any way connected with:
    • wear and tear, rust, corrosion, gradual deterioration and depreciation;
    • mechanical, electrical or electronic breakdown including when caused by any power supply irregularity including power surge;
    • mildew and atmospheric or climatic conditions other than by rain sleet and hail;
    • domestic animals;
    • vermin, insects or by the pecking, clawing, chewing, eating or nesting by birds and other wildlife;
    • any process of cleaning, repairing, restoring or retouching of any item;
    • any process involving the application of heat or the use of chemicals;
    • settlement, shrinkage, vibration or expansion in buildings, foundations, walls or pavements;
    • faulty workmanship, inherent defect, errors or omissions in design, structural defects and faulty design;
    • water seeping or otherwise percolating through a wall, floor or roof due to wear and tear;
    • the roots of trees, shrubs, plants and grass;
    • erosion;
    • mould, mildew, fungi, fungus, mycotoxins, wet or dry rot or bacteria; and
    • disease, illness, malady, ailment, influenza, coronavirus infections, pandemic and/or flu.
    • war, undeclared war, rebellion, Civil Commotion, civil war, insurrection, revolution, invasion, war like acts of military forces or personnel, or the destruction or seizure of property for military purposes.
    • nuclear or radioactive contamination.
    • contamination and pollution and the removal of any resultant pollutants and contaminants.
  5. Loss, Damage, cost or expense of any nature directly or indirectly caused by, resulting from, or in connection with any:
    • Storm, hurricane, typhoon, Flood;
    • earthquake, volcanic eruption, explosives and tsunami.
  6. Loss or Damage or liability when intentionally caused by the Insured or a person acting with the Insured’s consent, including losses resulting from the taking or other misappropriation of the Contents.
  7. Asbestos or asbestos products or any materials containing asbestos in whatever form or quantity.
  8. Loss or Damage or liability caused by or in connection with the Insured’s failure to use all reasonable means to protect and maintain the insured property before, at, or after the time of any loss or Damage.
  9. Consequential loss of any kind.
  10. Any loss or Damage that cannot be attributed to an act of Loss or Damage covered by this Policy.
  11. Loss or damage to any electrical machine or apparatus or to any portion of an electrical installation arising from or occasioned by over-running, excessive pressure, short circuiting, arching, self-heating or leakage of electricity from whatever cause (lighting included), unless fire ensues therefrom and, liability shall be limited to actual damage by the ensuing fire.
  12. Any Damage directly or indirectly caused by Acts of Terrorism.
  13. Any Damage as a direct result of the Insured’s efforts to alter the Contents in any way.

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